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Oceano Dunes, Eagle Rock Earthquake Alert System, Cayton Children's Museum

A new generation of off-roaders, like the Yahama YZX1000R SE offer blazing speed and agility.
A new generation of off-roaders, like the Yahama YZX1000R SE offer blazing speed and agility.
Yamaha Motor USA

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We look at the California Coastal Commission's decision on whether to continue to allow off-road vehicles in the Oceano Dunes. Plus, Eagle Rock High School implements an earthquake alert system. And, Cayton Children's Museum opens in Santa Monica.

State of Affairs

The fight over the 2020 Census and a so-called citizenship question come to an end. President Trump says his administration will pursue OTHER options… but is the damage already done? Meanwhile, it's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi versus four freshman lawmakers known as "the squad." An internal power struggle goes public. 


Fracking Regulator

The state's top oil regulator was fired last night, barely a day after an article in The Desert Sun reported a sudden increase in the number of fracking permits given out to energy companies. Ken Harris was the head of the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, also known as DOGGR. At the same time, several watchdogs groups sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom highlighting conflicts of interest among those working for the agency who had investments in those companies.


Oceano Dunes

On Thursday, hundreds gathered in front of the California Coastal Commission to weigh in on the battle over off-road vehicles at the Oceano Dunes. Officials want to phase out the practice, largely due to environmental concerns, but there are passionate enthusiasts on the other side of the battle who want to preserve their ability to ride at Oceano, the only state park that allows vehicles on its hills and beaches.


Summer Tips for Kids

School's been out for a little while now, ushering in that time of the year when academics start worrying about the summer slide. That's when children can lose some of the academic gains they made in the previous school year. This transition can be especially tricky for preschoolers who are heading into kindergarten with bigger class sizes, maybe a longer school day with less time for play. But there's a lot of parents and caregivers can do to ease that transition. And we've got some tips for you about how to make the most of the summer. 


Eagle Rock High School Earthquake Warning System

Eagle Rock High School may be the first L.A. school to implement a full-fledged earthquake warning system. Take Two looks at how such a warning system better prepares classrooms for shakes, especially coming a week after the 7.1 magnitude quake in Ridgecrest.


Cayton Children's Museum

We get a sneak peak of the highly anticipated Cayton Children's Museum. That's a new 21,000-square-foot facility with more than 35 immersive and specialized exhibits for kids and their parents. 


Weekend Preview

Throw your macro and calorie counters away because dineL.A. and the OC Fair both kick off this weekend. The Lotus Festival blooms in Echo Park, a Roadhouse parody opens in Long Beach, a glow-in-the-dark ramen experience pops up in Echo Park and the Lucas Museum holds its first public event in Leimert Park. The Get Around arts fest spreads creativity across a 3.5-mile stretch while Freddie Gibbs and Madlib rap and rhyme.


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