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Robert Mueller Testimony, DMV Update, Glendale Power Plant

The San Diego Skyline
The San Diego Skyline
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We look at what happens now that Robert Mueller has testified before Congress. And, how the California Department of Motor Vehicles is addressing its many problems. Plus, Glendale may be getting a new power plant.

Robert Mueller Testimony

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up more than FIVE hours of testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. The saga has dominated headlines for more than TWO years, but as it turns a page, we're left wondering: What's next? We've brought in THREE people to help answer that. 


DMV Update

DMV offices around the state are closed for part of the day for training today. But yesterday, Governor Newsom carved out a path on how the department can be more efficient and change.


Firefighter shortage

Some of you who've stepped outside today know that it's a scorcher. It's reached triple digits in several parts of the state today ... and it's expected to get EVEN hotter. Californians know all too well that means peak fire season is right around the corner. Last year's wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive in California's history. Then there was the recent federal government shutdown. Combine both those problems, and it's created an issue we face now: the lack of federal firefighters and trying to hire more.


On the lot

Quentin Tarantino proves he still wields influence in Hollywood, but will it translate to the box office Plus, how Marvel is giving Disney Plus its edge.

California Dream: San Diego Part 2

There was a time when cheap land and the promise of a balmy climate inspired scores of sick Americans to flock to Southern California. In this second story, reporter Amita Sharma looks at how the “invalid trade” helped build San Diego.

Glendale Power Plant

Glendale approved a plan to revitalize a power plant on its last legs within its own backyard. Activists say that with the decreasing cost of renewables and rapidly improving technology, time along could render the plan obsolete. Still, the city argues the plant is necessary fr reliability, even though it could be the last plant project in the state.