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Gun Violence Survivor on Mass Shootings, Policing Sex, Los Angeles Food Trends

Grand Central Market (on a slow day).
Grand Central Market (on a slow day).
Becca Murray/KPCC

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We look at what's likely to happen to web sites like 8Chan following back-to-back shootings. Plus, we kick off our series on L.A.'s efforts to fight sex trafficking and whether they're working. And, L.A. is ground zero for a lot of food trends, but which ones are likely to last?

Supes Sustainability

Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a radical plan to phase out fossil fuels in an effort to reduce emissions. It calls for 159 different actions throughout the county, including more bus-only lanes in the short term and, ultimately, an end to oil drilling, even gas stations. The goal is to get to zero carbon emissions by 2050. Joining us is Gary Gero. He's LA County's chief sustainability officer. 

Recycling Centers Shutdown

California's biggest operator of recycling centers has closed, shuttering all of its nearly 300 locations. We talk about what this means for those who want to recycle with Annie Sciacca, reporter at the Bay Area News Group.

Policing Sex

All week, we're reporting on the City of Los Angeles's fight against sex trafficking. City leaders say their aim is to help exploited women. But KPCC found, more often, the strategy leads to women being arrested and charged.  As part of our series "Collateral Damage: How L.A.'s fight against trafficking hurts vulnerable women," KPCC investigative reporter Annie Gilbertson explores what's at stake. 

L.A. Food Trends

The restaurant bubble in L.A. might soon burst. We look at the rise and fall of eateries in SoCal.


Borderline Survivor

Following news of the two mass shootings that took place over the weekend, we asked Take Two listeners to call-in and tell their thoughts about. Where we can go from here? What changes they'd like to see to prevent this sort of thing in the future? Towards the end of the show yesterday, we got a message from Ben Ginsberg, Woodland Hills resident and survivor of the Thousand Oaks Border Grill shooting last November.

Toni Morrison Poet Laureate

A Martinez remembers legendary author Toni Morrison, who passed at 88 years today, with Los Angeles Poet Laureate Robin Coste Lewis on her influence on fellow Black writers, American literature and the revolutionary voices of African-Americans in her novels.