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Eagle Rock Fire Evacuations, Counterfeit Cannabis, Cool Roofs

Workers install a cool roof. Usually white or light colored, they can be up to 55 degrees cooler than regular roofs.
Workers install a cool roof. Usually white or light colored, they can be up to 55 degrees cooler than regular roofs.
National Nuclear Security Administration/Flickr

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Following a fire in Eagle Rock that broke out near the 2 and 134 freeways, we look at how the area's emergency officials plan for evacuations. Plus, counterfeit cannabis is being sold at some illegal pot shops. And, how cool roofs could help mitigate extreme heat in urban areas.

Eagle Rock Fire Evacuations

On Sunday, at around 4 p.m. a small brush fire erupted Eagle Rock. between the 2 and 134 freeway interchanges. It is now 40 percent contained, but it spread quickly Sunday, scorching 30 acres. It prompted evacuations of about 100 homes in the Glenoaks Canyon neighborhood. And left many motorists on the 134-freeway stranded just under an hour as fire crews battled the blaze. So, what lessons were drawn about future evacuation plans in the area?


DNC Review

There were a lot of presidential hopefuls at the Democratic National Committee meeting this weekend in San Francisco - also a lot of protestors. Party delegates considered a motion to prevent presidential candidates from taking part in a climate-change focused debate. Despite the protests, the motion passed. That move has reignited criticism of party leadership that they may be out of touch with the party's younger voters.


UC-Merced Diversity

A unique program at UC-Merced has created a pipeline for first-generation American and person-of-color students to careers in research. Alumni now earn doctorates at rates that rival UCLA.


USC Scandal Campus Reaction

The fall semester begins at the University of Southern California today. Students are coming to a campus that's been rocked by a series of scandals over the past two years - and accusations that the university hasn't done enough to address them. KPCC's Emily Elena Dugdale visited the school to find out how students and faculty are reacting.

Counterfeit Cannabis

Since recreational marijuana became legal in California in 2018, one part of the rollout that has not gone smoothly is keeping the black market in check. State and local law enforcement have taken measures to try to shut illegal stores down only to have more pop up to replace them. One way these shops can afford to stay open and make nearly a projected nine billion dollars in 2019, triple what legal places make, is to have their shelves stocked with counterfeit cannabis products. The old phrase "buyer beware" applies because purchasing this stuff not only financially chokes the licensed shops but it could also pose a risk to your safety.


Cool Roofs

Cool roofs could help mitigate the negative effects of extreme heat in urban areas. We get some insight into how it works.