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Cal State University Chancellor Retires, U.S. Census Hiring, CA Kelp Forests

A map shows the locations of the U.S. Census Bureau's regional offices for the 2020 census.
A map shows the locations of the U.S. Census Bureau's regional offices for the 2020 census.
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We find out how the retirement of Chancellor Timothy White is likely to affect the 23-campus California State University system. Plus, how the U.S. Census plans to get an accurate count of Southern California. And, California kelp deforestation is affecting sea life.

California State University Chancellor Retires

CSU Chancellor Timothy White announced today that he will retire next year. The retirement culminates a tenure that saw him attempting to improve graduation rates at its 23 campuses.


US Census Hiring

The U.S. Census Bureau will be hiring 500,000 temporary workers to conduct the 2020 Census. About 37,000 of those hires will be in Southern California, which is notoriously difficult to count accurately. But a lot is at stake. For every person who is not counted, the state loses about a thousand dollars in federal funding for crucial things like health care, social services and infrastructure.


Cool Streets LA

Efforts to make some of the hottest parts of the city cooler are underway. Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled the new Cool Streets LA Program, this afternoon. It's the city's latest effort to combat climate change by lowering street temperatures by taking a holistic approach.


Los Angeles Veterans Cemetery

National cemeteries are out of real estate in big cities around the country. In many areas, there's not enough land to offer below-ground burials to veterans and their spouses. The solution? The Veterans Administration is building more high-density memorial structures above ground to give vets the option to stay closer to home. KPCC's Libby Denkmann reports.

California Kelp Deforestation

Deforestation is happening all along the California coast, including under water. A recent study from the UC-Davis Coastal Marine Sciences Institute and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife found that kelp ecosystems are deforesting at an alarming rate, endangering much of the sea life it supports.