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What You Need To Know About Coronavirus, Kobe Bryant's Complicated Legacy

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives against the Memphis Grizzlies.
Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives against the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Five cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus have been confirmed in the U.S. Two are in California. One in Los Angeles County and one case in Orange County. More than 4,500 cases have been confirmed in Mainland China. Health agencies here and throughout the U.S. are mobilizing. We learn more on what is happening here at home.


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SCOTUS Public Charge

On Monday, as we were caught up in the impeachment trial and other breaking stories, the Trump administration scored a victory on immigration. The U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to allow the government to move forward with its plan to revise who can use public benefits. The opponents of this effort say the decision could mean the government will deny green cards or visas to LEGAL immigrants if they've ever used— or are LIKELY to use — things like Medicaid or food stamps. Here to break down what happened — and what it means.


Kobe Remembrance

It's been more than 48 hours since the death of Kobe Bryant and that of his teenage daughter Gianna and seven other very loved people when the helicopter they were flying in crashed into a hill in Calabasas. The Los Angeles County Coroner has finished the grim task of recovering the nine bodies and federal investigators are still in the process of figuring out what happened. It appears weather may have been a significant factor. While that work continues many Angelenos are still trying to process Kobe's life and legacy. You see, it's not as easy as saying he was a great athlete who brought L.A. championships... it's a lot more complicated as KPCC's Immigrant Communities reporter Erick Galindo wrote in an op/ed for titled "I Am Straight Up in Tears Right Now. Why Kobe Bryant's Death Hurts So Much." He reads his piece for us. 

Kobe's Complicated Legacy

Since news broke of Kobe Bryant's death, there has been a worldwide outpouring of grief and emotional recollections of what Kobe, the athlete, meant to his fans. But, while there is a lot to say about what he did on the court: FIVE Laker championships and TWO Olympic gold medals, there is also a story to tell off the court. One that includes being a son, a father, an Oscar winner, a product endorser, an advocate for homelessness, youth sports, and the WNBA. All things that we've heard a lot about the last few days. But another part HAS NOT been mentioned as much. In 2003, Kobe Bryant was charged with rape. The case never went to a criminal trial — it ended in an out of court settlement. But since his death, journalists and fans alike have struggled with the question of how much of Kobe's story should include THAT part of his life.


AMF Ukraine

Over the past five years, the U.S. has paid more than a BILLION dollars in military aid to Ukraine. The ongoing impeachment case in Washington centers on President Trump's handling of some of that money. Meanwhile, the U.S. military support continues. American aid is helping the Ukrainian Army buy vehicles and supplies and U.S. troops are continuing to conduct training with their Ukrainian counterparts. From western Ukraine, Levi Bridges reports for the American Homefront Project, a public media collaboration that reports on American military life and veterans.

An Update on "American Dirt"

In case you missed it, Vroman's bookstore on Colorado Boulevard told us that the visit from "American Dirt" author Jeanine Cummins was canceled by the publisher, Flatiron Books following the controversy.

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