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Looking towards the California Primary, The State's Housing Crisis, Joshua Tree Airbnbs

Voters fill out ballots in the June 5 presidential primary election at Estrada Court Community Center in Boyle Heights.
Voters fill out ballots in the June 5 presidential primary election at Estrada Court Community Center in Boyle Heights.
Grant Slater/KPCC

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California Primary

The New Hampshire Primary is Tuesday night and California's is just three weeks away. Last week's Iowa Caucus meltdown has ratcheted up the stakes for our March 3rd Primary, and in Los Angeles County, voters will be navigating a gauntlet of changes to how they cast their ballots. KPCC's Libby Denkmann has been following what could be a "perfect storm" for election administrators in L.A. Each week leading up to the March 3rd primary, we'll get caught up on the important things voters need to know before they cast a ballot. 


Stuck: Inside California's Housing Crisis

Now to a special report, we'll be running all week…with a focus on the bottom rung of the housing market—the rentals of last resort—and the landlords who own them. We're calling the special "Stuck: Inside California's Housing Crisis" To kick it off, we look at unsafe and unsanitary living conditions


American Oligarchs

In the time Trump and Kushner have spent in the White House, they've tried to distance themselves from certain business partnerships, but have they completely divested? The line between distancing and divesting can sometimes be tough to see. Especially when families build wealth by plugging into politics. That’s the case Andrea Bernstein makes in her new book: "American Oligarchs: The Kushners, the Trumps, and the Marriage of Money and Power." 


Joshua Tree Airbnb

For the uber-hip, vacationing in the desolate desert two hours east of Los Angeles is THE place to be. It's a place hipsters tend to find as the perfect place to meditate and Instagram under the stars. But that tranquility has been broken by regulators. A wave of Airbnb units and other vacation rentals have spread across the sands like tumbleweed. While they're an important part of the economy for locals new rules for those properties are now in effect in the town of Joshua Tree ... and they have been upsetting some hosts.


Stealing from LA restaurants

Restaurants all over Los Angeles are reporting thefts of everything from forks to glassware to even lightbulbs and the managers are fingering their patrons.  Yes, after a meal or a couple of drinks, people are walking off — and out of these eateries — with a little souvenir of sorts. They just didn't pay for it.