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Central California Delegates, Japanese Internment Apology, Hair Love

Two reconstructed buildings stand in the former Manzanar War Relocation Center. Once, 10,046 people were imprisoned here.
Two reconstructed buildings stand in the former Manzanar War Relocation Center. Once, 10,046 people were imprisoned here.
/Melissa Hung for NPR

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Central California Delegates

While the campaign schedule spotlight is giving Nevada their chance to shine for many with a stake in the game, California's March 3rd primary is growing in importance so getting out there in the Golden State has been a high priority. And not just the cash-crusted coastal areas such as San Francisco and LA. No, this time around, the presidential candidates are getting their fingernails dirty, making sure that the farm regions of California's Central Valley feel loved with hopes of getting some of that love back in the form of delegates.


March Primary: All You Need To Know 

KPCC's Libby Denkmann and Brianna Lee join Take Two to answer listeners' burning questions about the elections head of the March primary.


Jackie Lacey Profile

The March primary,  as we keep telling you, is right around the corner and the presidential primary is not the only big race to think about. KPCC's Emily Elena Dugdale has been profiling the three candidates running for Los Angeles County District Attorney. Today, Emily profiles the incumbent District Attorney of Los Angeles County Jackie Lacey.

Japanese Internment Apology

California State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi will be introducing HR 77, an official apology by the California Assembly for legislative actions that led to the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, as part of Thursday's "Day of Remembrance" celebration.


Climate Change Family Planning 

There is a growing feeling among millenials —or to be specific — those who are currently in the age range to think about starting a family - that they should NOT have kids. The reason is climate change.


Hair Love 

The list of college or pro athletes becoming actors when they're playing days are over has plenty of well-known names on it including Burt Reynolds, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Terry Crews. Now, the list of athletes becoming Academy award winning producers and directors is a lot shorter.
Last year Kobe Bryant got an Oscar for his animated short film Dear Basketball and last month former NFL wide receiver Matthew Cherry won in the same category for Hair Love.