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Coronavirus LAUSD Plans, Coronavirus Vulnerable Population, Aida Rodriguez

San Pascual Avenue Elementary School in Highland Park and all LAUSD schools are closed following Tuesday's threat of violence on Dec. 15, 2015.
San Pascual Avenue Elementary School in Highland Park and all LAUSD schools are closed following Tuesday's threat of violence on Dec. 15, 2015.
Maya Sugarman/KPCC

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Coronavirus LAUSD Plans 

Children across our region are still at home with many parents bearing the brunt of trying to homeschool them while still working.The Los Angeles Unified School District had hoped to provide relief by opening family resource centers today, but safety and health concerns prevented that. This morning, the district was able to offer meals - an effort that’s expected to continue as long as schools are shut down. KPCC’s Kyle Stokes has been following the developments.


Coronavirus and the Census

Over the next two months, door-knocking census takers were supposed to visit people's homes across the country to make sure everybody is counted for the 2020 census... but how might that change in light of the coronavirus? KPCC reporter Caroline Champlin joins us to discuss some of the most pressing questions about the census.  


Coronavirus Homeless Plans Bonin

The homeless population is among the most vulnerable if struck with an outbreak of COVID-19. A lack of access to cleaning facilities, housing and healthcare already plague those without a home. Take Two checks in with LA City Councilman Mike Bonin to find out how local officials are trying to prevent a spread from happening.


Coronavirus Vulnerable Population

Los Angeles city and county have ordered bars, movie theaters, gyms, arcades and bowling alleys to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But for other kinds of small businesses, that decision is up to them. So how are they making up their minds? KPCC’s Emily Guerin speaks to small businesses along a stretch of Lincoln Boulevard in Venice.

Brie Poem

With so much going on these days, it can be hard to find a little peace of mind. So - as often as possible - we're going to bring you encouraging words from members of our community to help you slow down... take a breath... and find peace. Today, we bring you a poem titled Pandemic, by poet Lynn Unger. The poem will be read by Brie Loskota - executive director for the center for religion and civic culture at USC. She shared the poem during an interview earlier this week, we thought we could all stand to hear it again.


On the Lot

In the past two weeks, Los Angeles daily life has been completely changed due to sweeping precautions put in place to offset the spread of the coronavirus and Hollywood isn’t exempt from the effects. Let’s go on the lot. How gig-based workers are being affected by quarantine orders, plus how one studio is breaking a long-standing industry practice. Rebecca Keegan is with The Hollywood Reporter. She joins us every Wednesday to talk about the business side of entertainment. 


Aida Rodriguez Part 2

Aida Rodriguez is an American comedian who draws on her experiences with pain and misery for her stand-up acts. When Rodriguez was a kid she was kidnapped twice, once by her mom from her dad, then again by her grandma and uncle from her mom. That uncle was murdered in a hate crime. She managed to get through college where she met her future husband who was an NFL player. She then got divorced, moved to LA and lived with her 2 kids in her car. You can hear Aida on Tiffany Haddish's Netflix special They Ready and in a in-the-works HBO Max sitcom based on her life. She joins us today for some comic relief.