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Coronavirus Nursing Homes: What's Happening?, State Education Funding, Santa Monica Reopening

Of more than 9,000 nursing homes analyzed,  61% were cited for one or more infection-control deficiencies.
Of more than 9,000 nursing homes analyzed, 61% were cited for one or more infection-control deficiencies.
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Coronavirus Nursing Homes: What's Happening ?

The number of COVID-19 cases in LA County continues to jump, and a major factor in the high number of deaths in Los Angeles County is the virus running through numerous assisted living facilities, like nursing homes. We discuss why that is and what's being done to help assist the workers in these facilities - and protect the people living there.


Coronavirus Construction Projects 

During the coronavirus shutdown, LA's streets are flowing freer than at any time in the city's recent history. Our infamous traffic is non-existent. So – is the city taking advantage of the downturn in traffic to ramp up street repairs?


Coronavirus LAUSD Meal Logistics 

In the weeks since the Los Angeles Unified School district closed its campuses to slow the spread of COVID-19, volunteers and staff have distributed over 13 million free meals to children and adults. We discuss how the nation's second largest school district is pivoting to become a large scale food relief provider.


State Education Funding 

We've talked about this before but how much money could California lose because of the economic downturn? And how might that hit education?


Sarah Hurwitz 

With all that's going on these days, it's harder than ever to find moments of peace. Just when you think you can't hear one more troubling story, several more seem to appear. That's why - as often as possible - we want to bring you moments of zen when you can pause, take a breath, and absorb a little perspective. In that spirit we bring you this thoughtful reflection from Sarah Hurwitz, a former senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama.

Santa Monica Reopening 

Cities throughout the region are grappling with how and when to reopen their public spaces. Take Two checks in with one that has some of the most to gain and lose: Santa Monica, which is typically a draw for people all over California and the world.


Coronavirus "One Day at a Time" Production

"One Day at a Time" had to pause production (they'd been shooting episodes in front of a live audience when the shutdown happened) so they only have 6 in the can and the last one airs Wednesday. We also discuss safe ways to renew Hollywood productions.