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Masks Become a Flash Point as States Look to Reopen, Navigating Relationships during the Pandemic, Natural History Museum's City Nature Challenge

A woman adjusts her mask in Los Angeles, where the mayor already urged residents to wear face coverings in public.
A woman adjusts her mask in Los Angeles, where the mayor already urged residents to wear face coverings in public.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

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California Re-Opening: Masks Explained 

As Governor Newsom moves California to a new phase of re-opening the state, many questions abound about how we'll interact with each other. One issue that's a point of contention involves masks. While many of us have adopted facial coverings in public over the last month, there is still some confusion and it's even led to public clashes. Like in Michigan, when a security guard was shot dead reportedly after insisting a customer's child wear a mask at a Family Dollar store.


Coronavirus: Navigating Relationships

Though the Governor says we are closing in on Phase 2 of the state’s re-opening plans, it’s expected that we will all be living under some sort of restrictions for some time to come. Living like this has not been easy for many, especially those with so-called “blended” households… couples who’ve remarried, for example, each bringing kids to the mix they share with their exes...or even just having roommates who may have other relationships or priorities to consider.


Natural History Museum's City Nature Challenge

Almost two weeks ago, the Natural History Museum helped conduct the City Nature Challenge for the 5th year in a row and the results are in. More than 41,000 community scientists from 244 cities around the world submitted their wildlife observations and that included documentation of 1,300 rare, endangered or threatened species, including right here in Los Angeles.


Compton Cowboys

The idea of a "Compton Cowboy" might be harder to imagine, if you are not already familiar, but they're real. African American cowboys riding horses through Compton, California.... picking their kids up from school ...or going to get a bite to eat. Their story is the subject of Walter Thompson-Hernandez's new book: The Compton Cowboys, The New Generation of Cowboys in America's Urban Heartland.