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LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger on Reopening on 4th of July, Long Beach 'Open Street' Plan for Restaurants, On the Lot

File photo: The downtown Los Angeles skyline.
File photo: The downtown Los Angeles skyline.
Grant Slater/KPCC

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LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger on Reopening on 4th of July

Officials say L.A. County could reopen as soon as July 4th, but that hinges on several factors that could change at a moment's notice.


Long Beach 'Open Street' Plan for Restaurants 

The City of Long Beach is exploring a new strategy for reopening businesses. The city council votes this week on what they’re calling an ‘open streets initiative.’ By closing streets, small businesses and restaurants can use the extra outdoor space to potentially reopen in a safe manner.


Coronavirus: LAUSD Board Meeting 

Though our cities are starting to re-open for business, the same cannot be said for our schools or really for any place where kids go to learn and play. States and counties have provided guidelines to dog groomers and hair stylists, restaurants and retail stores, but local school districts have been left trying to figure out themselves what makes sense for their communities with little guidance, lots of expenditures and few additional resources. And with massive state budget cuts looming, it makes a return to some sort of normal all the more unlikely.  So where does that leave the Los Angles Unified School District...the largest in the state?


Parenting in the Time of Quarantine

Today we're getting into some of the particular challenges of being a single parent these days. We'll start with the story of one single mom, Shammeer Dawson. She's a widow who lives in Hawthorne with her four children, eight-year-old Taj, 5-year-old Shelora and twin 3-year-olds Ronn and Rome. We know that she is certainly not alone.


Coronavirus Terminal Island

Terminal Island in San Pedro has among the highest number of COVID-19 cases of any federal prison. We talk to concerned relatives of inmates.

On the Lot

What does shooting a movie look like in a post-COVID world? Producer Jason Blum may have an answer. Plus, an update on when Weinstein is set to face the charges against him here in L-A. Let's go on the lot.