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LA County Considers Budget Cuts, How Racism Could Be Seen as a Public Health Issue, Hollywood, The Sequel

Mayor Eric Garcetti didn't have anything to say about the 2020 Commission in his State of the City speech.
Mayor Eric Garcetti didn't have anything to say about the 2020 Commission in his State of the City speech.
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LA County Considers Budget Cuts 

LA County is considering a budget that slashes many public services, with the Sheriff's department taking the biggest brunt.


Police Respond to LA's Homelessness Crisis

One in three times the Los Angeles Police Department used force in 2019, it was against an unhoused person. It's just one of the consequences of the day-to-day reality that places police on the front lines of Los Angeles' homelessness crisis.


Racism as a Public Health Issue

Systemic racism is a pervasive issue in nearly all aspects of American life. The stark social disparities facing Americans of color - especially black Americans - has led more than 20 cities and counties across the country to deem racism a public health crisis. Last week, San Bernardino County became the latest to make this declaration. The Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at correcting systemic injustice in a range of areas. 


Rabbi Noah Farkas Transformation

2020 has been a year of social upheaval...It's hard to find anyone left unaffected. And while it's clear that it will be some time until we're back to normal, many now question whether THAT version of normal is really what we want anymore. One such person is Rabbi Noah Farkas of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino. In his view, we're too far past our old normal... but an even better society may be possible if we commit to the moment. Here he is sharing his sermon titled: The point of no return.

The OC Update  

Let’s head on down to Orange County where the number of COVID-19 cases continue to shoot up...and the mishandling of evidence by the Sheriff’s department reached touched the Golden State Killer case. 


John Horn on Hollywood, The Sequel Pt. 2

While this pandemic persists, many businesses are trying to figure out new ways to get to back to work. But in the case of the entertainment business... it's not just about how to run productions with masks and social distancing. People in Hollywood are galvanized by the recent protests and demanding ways to finally address the systemic racism that's been part of this industry since the beginning. John Horn is talking with movers and shakers in the entertainment business about all this in his new podcast Hollywood: The Sequel. It launched last week with an interview with Kerry Washington. He joins us each Monday to share what's on the new episode.