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International Students May Have To Leave US If Universities Are Online-Only, Census Redistricting, 'Speak Up Series' on Racial Inequality

Students taking time to pose for a selfie.
Students taking time to pose for a selfie.
Photo by Matthew Gush via Flickr Creative Commons

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Coronavirus: International Students May Have To Leave US If Universities Are Online-Only

Immigration Customs Enforcement announced new guidelines for international students yesterday. If the universities foreign students attend are only offering online courses in the fall semester they must either risk deportation or transfer to another institution. ICE informed colleges of the changes to the current mandate in place on Monday, but a more formal rule is still forthcoming. We discuss how universities are reacting to the new guidelines. 


Census Redistricting

The first 8 members of the California Citizen's Redistricting Commission of 2020 have been selected. They'll be in charge of drawing California's congressional district boundaries, and may possibly need to choose one district to eliminate (for the first time in state history). Also—with COVID-19 pushing back census deadlines, the commission may not even have enough time to complete their work before the 2022 primary.


HTNLA Police Use of Force 

Police use of force has been under the microscope, after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and as activists in Los Angeles have succeeded in pressing the City of LA and LA Unified to slash police budgets. Usually when we talk about shootings and uses of force … it's when a controversial incident makes headlines. But police have used force on hundreds of people in L-A in recent years. Most of those never make the news, but investigative and data journalist Aaron Mendelson has been digging through them to find the patterns. 

'Speak Up Series' on Racial Inequality 

Following the recent protests over police violence ...we've been having a lot of conversations here at Take Two about racial inequality and how to reform law enforcement. My next guests have been having similar conversations, and they've turned them into the social media series called: "Speak Up". They are actors Asante Blackk, Ethan Herisse and Reed Shannon. Asante and Ethan are best known for their roles in the Netflix Series "When They See Us". While Reed Shannon is the voice of "Singing AJ" in Nickelodeon's "Blaze and the Monster Machine."


History of Pandemics

COVID-19 is the first pandemic in many of our lifetimes.But America and the world have faced pandemics before. When we take a look at them, a lot of our current problems from masks to racism, start to look familiar.


Entertainment PPP Loans 

The Small Business Association released a list Monday of the companies that received PPP loans and it shows a cross-section of the entertainment industry drew, including talent agencies, boutique law firms, production companies, SAG-AFTRA and even Kanye West's clothing company got a loan - many of them for as much as seven figures.