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The Committee for Greater LA Comes Together to Tackle COVID-19 and Racial Inequality, Rose Parade is Now Cancelled, On the Lot

The 2017 Rose Parade theme was
The 2017 Rose Parade theme was "Echoes of Success."
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Committee for Greater LA 

A combination of civic employees, philanthropists and academics have come together to form the Committee for Greater LA to take analyze the city's structure amid a pandemic and several protests against racism and police violence. According to a statement, the ultimate goal is "a report and advocacy agenda to advance racial justice through Los Angeles’s pandemic recovery plans" that will be issued in August. 


American Homefront Project: Coronavirus Reservists 

New York City appears to have the spread of the virus under control, but during the worst of pandemic this spring, thousands of military personnel were deployed there to help in the hospitals. Now, many of them have returned home -- only to see cases spike in their own home states. We talk to a group of Air Force reservists from Florida who are warning people not to get complacent about the virus. Reporter Stephanie Colombini has the story.

Rose Parade Cancelled

It has not happened since World War II but the Pasadena Rose Parade is cancelled. Officials with the Tournament of Roses Parade announced this morning the 132-year-old event will NOT take place as scheduled on Jan. 1, 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Life Inside the NBA Bubble 

At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, an unprecedented experiment is taking place: The hundreds of athletes that make up the NBA’s 22 teams are living, training and preparing to play the entire upcoming season together at the resort in a "social bubble", where numerous policies and procedures are being implemented to keep COVID-19 from entering the community. But it's not just the players inside the bubble -- also living there are coaches, staff members... AND a handful of journalists who are reporting about life inside the NBA Bubble.


On the Lot 

Telluride cancelled, UTA strikes a deal with the WGA and Nick Cannon gets dropped from ViacomCBS for anti-semetic remarks.


Nick Quah 

During the pandemic, as we look for things our kids can do this summer...podcasts may very well be an activity for parents to tap into. To talk more what's on offer in the kid pod space we’ve got Nick Quah, host of the new podcast from LAist Studios -- Servant of Pod. It covers news and trends in the podcast industry and he joins us every Wednesday to preview his new episode. This week? Kids pods.