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LAPD Will Expand Its Community Policing Program, How Far Cancel Culture Is Going, 2020 Emmy Nominations Are In

Mayor Eric Garcetti didn't have anything to say about the 2020 Commission in his State of the City speech.
Mayor Eric Garcetti didn't have anything to say about the 2020 Commission in his State of the City speech.
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LAPD Community Policing Program

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an expansion of the Community Safety Partnership program, a style of policing that has officers build more relationships in the communities they patrol. Take Two examines how it worked in practice on a small scale in South LA, and whether the program truly addresses the concerns of protesters who say people of color are over-policed.


Cancel Culture: How Far Does It Go?

All throughout the country we've seen statues and other monuments come down in recent part of protests against racism and police brutality.  Confederate statues ....and those of Christopher Columbus, Junipero Serra and even a few of the country's founders...have been removed... or will be soon. These monuments that dot our parks and city centers are becoming more widely viewed as problematic symbols. Now, it's not an entirely new issue... so what is it about THIS moment? And where do we go from here?


American Homefront Project: Female Veterans

Last year 20,000 women transitioned out of the military. Yet compared to men, they’re much less likely to get their medical care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. So the agency has stepped up its efforts to convince female veterans to give VA healthcare a chance. Jennifer Brookland reports for the American Homefront Project.


During the coming hot windy days, big power companies can shut off power to communities where electrical lines could start fires. That can leave a family or entire neighborhoods stranded. Microgrids to the rescue. They enable a small group of power users to isolate themselves from the shut-off surrounding power lines and generate and store their own electricity. KPCC's Sharon McNary brings us the story about how these things work - and where.

Emmy Nominations 

Today the TV Academy announced the 72nd annual Prime Time Emmy nominations, so we break down what the nominations tell us.