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How The Shooting of Two L.A. Sheriff's Deputies Impacts Our Communities, U.S. Will Hike Fees For Naturalization on Friday, A Look Into a New CA Bill that Will Affect Incarcerated Firefighters

Los Angeles police officers run to formation during a protest on June 1.
Los Angeles police officers run to formation during a protest on June 1.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

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Community Police Relations 

Will the shooting of two sheriff's deputies provide an opportunity to move towards mending the ruptured relations between law enforcement and certain communities, or will it exacerbate the problem?


Mail-In Ballots

KPCC's Senior Politics Reporter Libby Denkmann joins Take Two to give us the 411 on mail in ballots and in person voting - this will be the first of weekly chats.


Citizenship Fees

A look at how fees to become a US citizenship are rising sharply as of Oct. 2, further fulfilling the Trump administration's effects to make it more difficult for people to become US citizens. Already, people have been waiting unusually long in line to naturalize after applying, something that might keep hopeful new citizens who'd hoped to vote this year out of the polls.


Sanctuary: A Novel

"Sanctuary" follows the story of 16-year-old Vali, a young girl living in an an America where every citizen is micro-chipped and tracked wherever they go.


Incarcerated Firefighters 

A look at the impact and implications of AB2147, the newly signed bill passed by Gov. Gavin Newsom that would expunge the record or incarcerated firefighters allowing a pathway to professional employment upon release.


AHP Black Admirals

A Pentagon task force is looking at why the Navy doesn't have more African Americans in top jobs. Only a handful of Navy admirals are Black, and none of them are at the two highest ranks. 


LA Comic Con 

In the world of COVID, huge gatherings have either been cancelled or have gone “virtual.” But news broke yesterday that one pop culture event is planning to go ahead downtown Los Angeles... this December.LA Comic Con. Far smaller than it’s more well known San Diego sibling -- this 3-day fan convention COULD BE the city’s first large event to take place since the pandemic shut everything down.