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L.A. County Shuts Down Outdoor Dining As COVID-19 Surges, USC Students Allege Racial Profiling On Campus, How To Have A Remote Thanksgiving

A.O.C. restaurant in August 2020 after it was remade to be outdoors-only and COVID-19 compliant.
A.O.C. restaurant in August 2020 after it was remade to be outdoors-only and COVID-19 compliant.
photo credit Suzanne Lanza

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L.A. County Shuts Down Restaurants As COVID-19 Cases Rise 

After seeing a significant rise in coronavirus cases, LA County health officials moved on Sunday to shut down restaurants again for a limited time, starting Wednesday. The Board of supervisors appears split on the issue however. We also hear from a local restaurant owner about what this means for businesses. 


USC Investigation On Racial Profiling 

In the wake of protests this summer, there have been calls to re-examine cultures of bias within police forces. And these calls aren’t limited to city cops. At the University of Southern California, Black students and alumni have recounted disturbing incidents of racial profiling at the hands of USC’s Department of Public Safety - incidents that they say highlight a pattern of bias.


L.A. County's Coroner's Inquest on Shooting of Andres Guardado

At the direction of the Board of Supervisors, LA County's coroner will hold an official inquest starting Nov. 30 into the fatal deputy shooting of Andres Guardado. It's the first such inquest in more than 30 years. What can we expect?


How To Have A Remote Thanksgiving 

Let’s be real… we’re looking at a pretty rough holiday season. Now that most of you have probably cancelled your thanksgiving plans with your family or friends... and you can no longer go out to eat in Los Angeles County this holiday, we bring you some advice on how to host a remote gathering - from the group cooking session to the post-dinner hang. J.D. Biersdorfer has, as her bio says, been answering people’s tech questions for the New York Times since 1998.