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State of Affairs: Introducing the 'Recall' Bear, Students Help Fight Warehouse Pollution, How to Battle through a Fear of Needles

File: The California state capitol building in Sacramento.
File: The California state capitol building in Sacramento.
Lori Galarreta/KPCC

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State of Affairs: John Cox's Recall Bear and A Possible Ambassadorship for LA Mayor 

This week, an ambassadorship could be dangled over LA City Hall where a nibble could set off a scrum. And though we tried tried to avoid it this week, we can't pretend we don’t see the one thousand pound bear in the room. This week Republican John Cox brought a Kodiak bear with him to a press conference and was disappointed that the bear and not him, got all the attention.


College Students Help Fight Warehouse Pollution in So Cal

There's been a lot of focus on the Inland Empire lately due to the large number of warehouses located out there to hold all the goods we order online - and want delivered immediately. And with that comes a lot of trucks going back and forth - and a lot of emissions. But the residents who've objected to all the pollution now have a new group of allies -- college students. Those students are developing a unique new tool to shape public policy. As K-P-C-C infrastructure reporter Sharon McNary explains, their work could influence a critical vote by air quality regulators. 

Looking Ahead to A Critical Vote On Warehouse Air Pollution 

And warehouses are magnets for polluting diesel trucks, which cause health problems. Some 2.4 million people -- mostly lower income -- live within a half-mile of the larger warehouses in our region.  Air quality regulators have been working to clean up trucks have for decades, but now they are targeting warehouses. A critical vote is happening today.


Los Angeles DA Gascon on Changing How We Do Parole 

In Part 2 in the series, we explore Gascón's approach to parole from the standpoint of victims. How long should someone stay in prison to satisfy victims' need for justice? KPCC's Frank Stoltze has the story. 

Is a Fear of Needles Keeping You From Getting Vaccinated? We Have Some Advice.

We’ve talked about how demand for COVID-19 vaccines has dropped off - yet more than 60 percent of Americans still need at least one shot. The reasons for the decrease are many, but one simple one might be a fear of needles. But there's are a few techniques to help you get over it.


Weekend Preview: Mothers' Day Edition

Finally, the weekend is here, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have some event ideas for you.