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$9 Billion for Homelessness, Contact Tracing Diaries, Shortcomings of California's Cap-and-Trade Program

Governor Newsom proposes $9 Billion go towards homelessness.
Governor Newsom proposes $9 Billion go towards homelessness.

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Gov. Newsom Proposes $9 Billion for Homelessness

Governor Newsom proposed $9 billion in state funding to purchase hotels, motels and vacant building and convert them into interim or permanent housing. How successful could that program be


Contact Tracing Diaries

Even though many of us might feel like we've got more of a handle on the coronavirus pandemic, none of us can forget this unbelievable year. Especially folks who've really been in the trenches. Lisa Fagundes is normally a librarian at the San Francisco Public Library. But starting last April, she and thousands of other city and state workers were redeployed to become contact tracers, calling people who may have been exposed to the virus. KQED health correspondent April Dembosky met Lisa last spring and asked her to keep an audio diary of her experience.

San Diego's All-Female Marine Boot Camp

A group of female recruits completed Marine boot camp in San Diego this spring. It's the first time the Corps has trained women outside of Parris Island, South Carolina. Congress has mandated that the Marines fully integrate women into its boot camps. Still, it likely will be several more years before that happens. Steve Walsh reports for the American Homefront Project. 

Shortcomings of California's Cap-and-Trade

A big piece of California’s climate policy is our cap-and-trade program, designed to limit overall carbon emissions. But what if the go-to strategy isn't working as well as its intended? Take Two talks with James Temple, senior editor for climate and energy at MIT Technology Review. He teamed up with ProPublica reporter Lisa Song to take a deep look at the state’s Forest Offset Program.