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State of Affairs: Congress Votes to Investigate January 6th Capitol Attack, What Do Droughts Mean for California Wineries?, First All Black High School Rowing Team

Congress to Investigate the June 6th Capitol Attack
Congress to Investigate the June 6th Capitol Attack
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State of Affairs: Congress to Investigate January 6th Attack on the Capitol

Yesterday thirty-five House Republicans voted with their Democratic colleagues in favor of an independent commission to investigate the Jan 6th attack on the US Capitol. One is from California, all of which probably did not sit well with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. This brings up a couple of questions for the GOP. But Before all that drama, since early last month California has had a full re-opening date, June 15th….now there’s a plan to go along with it.


 California's June 15 Reopening Plan

California health officials outlined what the state will look like on June 15. That’s the day that the state will fully reopen. KPCC’s Jackie Fortier is here to explain the new rules.


What Do Droughts Mean for the Future of California Wineries?

California is looking to be in another record-dry year. Drought conditions across the state are deepening - with Marin, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties already placing water use restrictions on their residents.Drought poses problems for the state’s agriculture across the board - but today we are going to look specifically will mean for our famous wine industry?


Arshay Cooper and the USA's First All-Black High School Rowing Team

Today, we bring you Arshay Cooper and the story of how an unlikely group of students from Chicago’s West-side, an area notorious for gang violence, made history. In 1997, Arshay and a group of his classmates from Manley Career Academy High School stepped into a rowing boat for the first time. They became the first all-Black high school rowing team. Arshay was the team captain, an experience that changed not only the course of his life but of everyone in that boat. He now works with students across the country, including here in LA. He says that he uses the sport to break down socioeconomic barriers for students in high-risk communities.