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The Frame 'First': How the Beastie Boys made OK GO's bassist want to play music

Tim Nordwind of OK GO
Tim Nordwind of OK GO
Chris McKay/Getty Images

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Tim Norwind, the bassist for OK GO, talks about how he tricked his parents into letting him go to a Beastie Boys concert when he was in fifth grade: 

The first concert I ever went to was the Beastie Boys on their 'Licensed to Ill' tour. I was in the fifth grade and a high schooler, who I was in a play with, asked me if I wanted to go see the Beastie Boys which I absolutely did. So we went to my house and I told my parents, 'There's these three really nice jewish boys from New York. We're jewish [laughs] and they're playing tonight.' And I remember my brother and sister just like telling my parents, 'No way, you can't let him go! He's only in the fifth grade!' But all my mom heard was three nice jewish boys from New York. I got to go see the Beastie Boys and I saw naked women in cages. I saw a giant inflatable phallic thing come out of the stage... and I think I knew then that, like, 'Man, I gotta try to do this for a living.' 

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