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3 new TV shows to watch this winter

Jay Baruchel stars in FXX's new comedy,
Jay Baruchel stars in FXX's new comedy, "Man Seeking Woman."

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More than a couple dozen new TV shows will debut this winter. Margaret Lyons writes about television for our partner and she has tips on three new shows to cozy up with. 

"Hindsight" (Wednesdays on VH1) 

The show centers around a woman as she nears 40 who — on the night before her second wedding — wakes up in the '90s on the eve of her first wedding. She's back in her old life, neighborhood, with her old clothes, her old best friend and her former ability to smoke in bars. She essentially gets a do-over.

Margaret's take:

It's sort of whimsical and charming, but also has a real attitude about what you would do different and how that might seem really appealing. But the danger of knowing too much can also be a lot of pressure. It's sort of this tonal shift of shows, especially when you think about how many bleak and intense dramas we've had in the last couple of years. This sort of quirky dramedy is a breath of fresh air. 

"Man Seeking Woman" (premieres Jan. 14 on FXX) 

This new comedy show stars Jay Baruchel as a single guy trying to find love, but it's audaciously strange. It's written by Simon Rich whose work you might recognize from The New Yorker and Saturday Night Live, and it's being billed as a surreal comedy. Baruchel goes on a date with an actual troll and his girlfriend starts dating a guy named Hitler. Yes, Adolf Hitler.

Margaret's take:

It's so bizarre — and confidently so. It's impressive to see a show decide to be that different right out of the gate and really nail this strange, surprising tone. 

"Fresh Off the Boat" (premieres Feb. 10 on ABC) 

It's a family comedy based on an autobiography of the same name by Eddie Huang. This is the first Asian-American family sitcom in 20 years, since Margaret Cho's ABC show "All-American Girl" debuted in 1994. 

It's about a kid who moves from D.C.'s Chinatown to Miami and has culture shock about his new town. He's really into rap and hip-hop culture and stands out because he's the only Asian kid in his class. 

Margaret's take:

It combines real, actual human life problems with this very sweet — without being saccharine— sensibility. It's a wonderful show. 

You can read more of Margaret Lyons' suggestions on what new shows to watch this year at

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