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Oscars 2015: how 'Hero' became the unofficial theme song for 'Boyhood'

Ellar Coltrane (left) and Ethan Hawke star in
Ellar Coltrane (left) and Ethan Hawke star in "Boyhood."
IFC Films

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The Oscars are this Sunday, and if "Boyhood" has the same winning streak it did at the Golden Globes, you’ll possibly be hearing its unofficial theme song after each win.

The song “Hero” is from the L.A.-based band Family of the Year. It’s featured in the movie and in the trailer for "Boyhood."

We spoke with singer Joseph Keefe and his brother, drummer Sebastian Keefe, on their reaction to hearing the song being used repeatedly during awards season.

Family of the Year's follow up album to "Loma Vista" is due out this year. 

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