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Tony Hale breaks down his character from 'Veep'

Season 4 of
Season 4 of "Veep" debuts April 12 on HBO. Actor Tony Hale (right), who plays the President's personal assistant, gives a little advice to "The Frame" host, John Horn.
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“Veep” makes its return to HBO on April 12. The political satire follows now-President Selina Meyer — played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus — as her staff fumbles through awkward situations in the White House.

Tony Hale won last year’s Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his work on the show. He plays the uncomfortable yet dedicated personal assistant to the President. The Frame spoke with Tony Hale about comparing his role from "Arrested Development" and "Veep," what he brings to his characters and why he loves going to auditions. 

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