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'Next MacGyver' contest seeks new show to inspire female engineers

A story based on
A story based on "Ada and the Machine" is one of the ideas submitted to "The Next MacGyver" competition.
Zoe Chevat

"MacGyver," a TV series from the late 1980s about a tech-savvy secret agent, produced a generation of young men aspiring to be engineers. The competition is a project of the University of Southern California, The National Academy of Engineering, and Lee David Zlotoff, the creator of the original "MacGyver," now want to do the same for young women.

They created a competition, "The Next MacGyver," which solicited pitches for a show featuring a female MacGyver-like role model. Out of 2,000 entries, the judges will select 5 winners who will be paired with producers to further develop their pitches.

KPCC's Sanden Totten spoke to the competitors and competition organizers.

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