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Church of Scientology contacts Academy members in campaign against 'Going Clear'

A view from outside the Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles.
A view from outside the Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles.
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It’s that time of year again, when film studios are deep into their epic awards season campaigning. It all wraps up on Feb. 28, when the Oscars are handed out.

For most campaigners, the awards season is filled with glossy ad campaigns, screenings with filmmakers, and boatloads of DVDs sent to voters. But documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney is doing something different this season. He’s fighting off an opposition campaign from the Church of Scientology.

HBO is pushing Gibney’s Emmy-winning film, “Going Clear,” a hard-hitting exposé about Scientology, for the documentary feature Academy Award. The Church has reportedly responded by contacting Academy members and appearing at screenings of the film to challenge its veracity.

For more on the story we called up Rebecca Ford, who writes about film for the Hollywood Reporter, who has written about the Church’s tactics. We asked her what precisely the Church of Scientology is doing to make sure “Going Clear” doesn’t snag an Oscar.

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