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The bedroom beginnings of Danish pop star MØ

Danish singer and songwriter Karen Marie Orsted, also known by her stage name MØ, currently has the most listened to song on Spotify with
Danish singer and songwriter Karen Marie Orsted, also known by her stage name MØ, currently has the most listened to song on Spotify with "Lean On."

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The most listened to song on Spotify is not from big pop acts such as Justin Bieber, Adele or The Weeknd but from Danish musician Karen Marie Ørsted, better known by her stage name

Lean on

The song "Lean On," a collaboration with Major Lazor and DJ Snake, is close to reaching 800 million plays on the streaming service. The Frame spoke with MØ about how she got her start, finding inspiration in the Spice Girls, playing in punk bands and finally reaching her goal as a singer and songwriter. 


When did you first start playing music?

I've been playing music since I was seven years old. It was because of the Spice Girls that I started making music, and I actually just kept on making music ever since. It became my passion very quickly. 

Ever since I was seven, it was just my big dream and hope to become a pop star, like a childhood dream, and I think up until the day when things started to happen — of course I never knew if it would happen — but I just dreamed and hoped for it so bad. 

Hula Hey

When did you first perform professionally?

The first time I performed professionally, I think I was 19. I was in this punk band for five years. The transition from punk music and playing now electro-pop, I was attending art school and they were like, "You should try to do something on your own," so I just started on my own, rapping actually on these trashy beats and that became MØ eventually. 

How did your debut album, "No Mythologies to Follow," come about?

During the album, I was recording vocals on my own at my own bedroom at my parents' house. I wrote the lyrics and the melodies and then I had a producer that was working with me. 

Waste of Time

What was your first tour like?

I remember the first tour as MØ was in New York during the CMJ festival, and it was me and my crew and we would sleep in this tiny hotel room. We had to share these single beds and I was lying with my keyboard player's feet on my head for four days. But it was great, we had such a good time. 

Touring has changed since 2012, but it's not fancy or anything like that. Now we usually tour in a tour bus, and that's very nice. It becomes your little home and in a way it's easy. You're on the road with your friends, and I love traveling, and you play music which is the thing I love most in the whole world. You just do your thing and you have a tour manager who tells you when to wake up, when to eat, when to take a shower and that's also kind of nice. Then when you have some spare time you can do music. Life is just great on tour. 

Final Song

Where do you want to go from here?

My next goal is to keep on writing better and better songs. The main thing I want to do is communicate with people and share my thoughts and my feelings. I want to be better at that and touch even more people. That's what I want to do as an artist. 

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