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Recycling on TV is a 'trend that's not going anywhere'

(L-R) "MacGyver" on CBS and Fox's "The Exorcist" and "Lethal Weapon" are some of the reboots debuting on television this Fall.

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There’s a common theme happening in television this fall — reboots.

"The Exorcist" on Fox and "MacGyver" on CBS are among the many reboots. There’s also “Lethal Weapon,” also on Fox, “Westworld” on HBO, and “Gilmore Girls,” coming to Netflix. 

The Frame's John Horn spoke with Lesley Goldberg — TV news editor at The Hollywood Reporter — about television's obsession with nostalgia and how long it will last.


On why there are so many reboots on television this season:

In this so-called "peak-TV" era — where you've got more than 400 scripted series in the works across broadcast, basic cable, premium — you need that brand recognition to help cut through. And you can see from misfires like "Rush Hour" that it doesn't always work well. 

On how audiences respond to reboots:

Anytime we break news that there's a new reboot in the works, the backlash on Twitter is always instant. But at the same time, as audiences continue to age, you hit different sweet spots. Right now, pretty much anything in the '90s is of interest because it's all kind of cyclical.

On whether reboots are here to stay:

We did an executive survey of more than 20 different heads of networks and streaming platforms, and we polled them about reboots and if there's an end in sight. Not a single one of them said no. This is a trend that's not going anywhere. 

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