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Drake curates a global sound for his record-breaking album, 'More Life'

With his latest album,
With his latest album, "More Life," rapper Drake breaks Ed Sheeran's single-day album stream record.
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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Drake’s new release, "More Life,” is significant for two reasons — it broke the record for the most streams for one album in a single day, and it questions the format of the traditional album.

Ed Sheeran previously held the record for "Divide," which was played 56.7 million times in its first 24 hours on Spotify. “More Life” topped that by reaching 61.3 million plays this past Sunday.

Sean Rameswaram is a correspondent for WNYC’s podcast More Perfect and a bona fide Drake expert. He says what sets "More Life" apart is the new format, which resembles a playlist.

What I think Drake does best is, like Kanye West, he's a magnificent curator. So Drake is sort of traveling the world — he's going to the Caribbean, he's going to Africa, he's going to Atlanta — picking up the best sounds and mashing them together for you. So you can listen to 50 different artists on Spotify and make some sort of eclectic playlist, or you could just put on "More Life."



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