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Comic-Con 2017: Marvel causes a commotion, but 'Deadpool' is a no-show

Jason Momoa as Aquaman.
Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

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If last year it seemed that major movie studios weren’t all that focused on Comic-Con, this year was quite the turnaround.

There were lots of big movie stars and splashy film presentations at the annual gathering in San Diego this weekend. But some studios did a better job of wowing fans than others. 

Borys Kit, senior film writer for The Hollywood Reporter, was there for all the film panels in the famed Hall H, where more than 6,000 fans — and a fair share of exhausted journalists — watched an array of studio previews for upcoming movies.

So who does Kit say were some the big winners? 

[The Marvel Studios panel] really is electric. It's like being at a rock concert 'cause it has that kind of energy. And the Marvel Studios actors and [studio president] Kevin Feige, it's such a loose banter that they have. They're talking to the crowd, they're playing with the crowd and they're also giving them a lot of what they want. They give you some news, they give you some footage that is just clearly made just for the Comic-Con crowd.

"Blade Runner: 2049" looks amazing. What's really interesting is the Warner Brothers panel had both "Ready Player One" and "Blade Runner: 2049" that were in some ways outshining the DC stuff because it was just eye-popping ... a lot of times people just sit through other presentations just to get to the DC stuff, and in this case you had some amazing, amazing things. ["Blade Runner"] is very secretive, and that's because the first movie had a lot of secrets and they were very careful not to reveal anything on this one. On stage, you had Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, who was somewhat crusty, but in a such a fashion that the crowd ate it up. He fielded a question from the audience where someone asked him, "Is your life goal at this point to just reboot all of the movies you were in?" And he answered by saying, "You bet your ass it is." 

And a quasi-loser from Comic-Con 2017?

They showed "Kingsman" and that went well. But I think what people were a bit disappointed in was that this is the studio that has all the "X-Men" movies (which includes "Wolverine" and "Deadpool"), and next year they have three "X-Men" movies coming out, and they're already in production. And "Deadpool 2" is already underway, and they didn't get the fans excited for that ... The people in that hall are so rabid for anything, that if ["Deadpool" star] Ryan Reynolds had flown down just for the afternoon and just walked through the hall, that would have sent people into ecstasy and that would have been enough. But some studios tend to be cautious and they feel that if they don't have something that's perfect, that it's better not to take something to Hall H. 

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