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'Vicuña,' starring a thinly-veiled version of Donald Trump, takes the stage in DC

"Vicuña & The American Epilogue," written by Jon Robin Baitz and directed by Robert Egan, is playing at The Mosaic Theater in Washington, DC.
Colin Hovde
"Vicuña & The American Epilogue," at The Mosaic Theater in Washington, DC, stars John de Lancie, Laura C. Harris, Brian George, Haaz Sleiman, and Kim Schraf.
Colin Hovde

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The play "Vicuña" tells the story of Kurt Seaman, a presidential candidate who’s a veiled version of Donald Trump. Written by Jon Robin Baitz, the play is set in a tailor shop, where the immigrant owner is making a suit for Seaman out of expensive Vicuña wool.

Baitz was on The Frame almost exactly a year ago, one week before the presidential election, when "Vicuña" was premiering at The Kirk Douglas Theatre here in Culver City.

At the time, Baitz said he didn't know what the play would look like after Election Day, telling The Frame host John Horn, “I don't know about the shelf-life of it. I hope that it's something that we're able to laugh in the dark at a little bit.”

As it turned out, the results of the election not only extended the shelf-life of Vicuña, but also prompted a brand new ending for the play. A year after its premiere, "Vicuña" is being staged at The Mosaic Theater in Washington DC with a new epilogue. The post-apocalyptic coda ends with the question “What are you doing to prevent this?”

Jon Robin Baitz joined The Frame to talk about why he decided to re-visit "Vicuña" in Washington, DC and what the response has been from audiences there.

To hear the full interview with Jon Robin Baitz, click the blue play button above.

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