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Hollywood studios creatively woo Quentin Tarantino for his next movie

Quentin Tarantino (seen here at the European premiere of
Quentin Tarantino (seen here at the European premiere of "The Hateful Eight" in London), is praying the producer of his next film will give him the same control he enjoyed with Harvey Weinstein.
John Phillips/Getty Images
Quentin Tarantino (seen here at the European premiere of
Quentin Tarantino at the Paris premiere of "The Hateful Eight" in 2015. It was his final film with Harvey Weinstein as producer.

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In sports, they are called unrestricted free agents — superstar athletes who can sign with whatever team offers the biggest and best deal.

Now that’s happening in Hollywood.

For his entire movie career, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has worked with Harvey Weinstein, either at Miramax or, more recently, The Weinstein Company. In fact, Weinstein was known to call his studio, “The House That Quentin Built.”

Now that The Weinstein Company is essentially out of business, Tarantino can shop his untitled ninth film all around Hollywood. Not much is known about the film, besides the fact that it’s set in L.A. in 1969 — the same year as the Charles Manson murders. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie are a few names that are rumored to be interested in roles.

There are several studios bidding to produce and distribute the film, but anyone wanting to make the movie has to agree to Tarantino’s very generous contract demands.

We called up Variety senior film and media reporter Brent Lang for the details.

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