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Rotten Apples: 'What if there was an IMDb for sexual misconduct allegations?'

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You’ve likely heard of the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, but how about Rotten Apples?

It’s a new online database that allows you to search if anyone associated with a TV show or a movie has been accused of sexual harassment or assault. The site, which only launched last week, is far from comprehensive and is a work in progress.

Rotten Apples is the brainchild of a group working at the Los Angeles-based advertising agency, Zambezi. Bekah Nutt, a co-creator of the site, told The Frame how they came up with the idea.

We were just chatting and someone said, what if there was an IMDb for sexual misconduct allegations? It felt like there were going to be more allegations that came out and it felt like it might be interesting and potentially useful to people to be able to have an easy way to track those. 

Due to the flood of sexual misconduct allegations within the entertainment industry, keeping the website up-to-date has proved to be a challenge for Nutt and her team.

It's actually been a little harder to keep up with than I think any of us anticipated. What we do is just keep a running spreadsheet of people who allegations come up against along with links to reputable third party sources that have reported on those allegations. As those come up, we add them to the site. That is then cross-checked against a credits database — an open-source movie and TV credits database.

Nutt says Rotten Apples isn't a call for people to boycott movies. Instead, she hopes it will spark conversation.

It starts to make you think about what do you want to do? Do you want to continue watching? Is there a point where you are penalizing other people who worked on the project who don't have allegations against them who are innocent bystanders? I think that discussion has been a really great byproduct of the whole thing.

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