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Director and screenwriter Olivia Milch puts her stamp on summer

Director and screenwriter Olivia Milch.
Director and screenwriter Olivia Milch.

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Here's what we've got on today's episode:

Olivia Milch adds her spin to summer movies

(Starts at 8:30)

The filmmaker talks about her current projects, including the Netflix film, "Dude," which she wrote and directed; and the much-anticipated "Ocean's 8," which she co-wrote. Milch tells The Frame's John Horn that making “Ocean’s 8,” with its largely female cast, was a welcome antidote to the disturbing revelations that led to the #MeToo movement.

Music producer Sebastian Krys' path from lowly intern to in-demand studio wizard

(Starts at 19:30)

The Argentina native studied audio engineering in the U.S., and landed an internship at Emilio and Gloria Estefan's studio in Miami. That opened doors to working with a string of top Latin artists, which included assembling the production team for the mega-hit, "Despacito." Now he's branching out with his next project, working with a promising artist named... Elvis Costello. The Frame contributor Betto Arcos profiles Krys in this feature story. 

GLAAD says studios have taken a step backwards

(Starts at 1:00)

The annual study from the leading LGBTQ media advocacy group indicates that representation of LGBTQ characters had a "significant decrease" in 2017. The organization is calling for 20% of annual major studio releases to include LGBTQ characters by the year 2021.