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Lea Thompson takes matters into her own hands

Madelyn Deutch and Lea Thompson in
Madelyn Deutch and Lea Thompson in "The Year of Spectacular Men."
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Lea Thompson takes matters into her own hands

(Starts at 9:15)

Lea Thompson has been working in the arts for more than 40 years. First as a dancer, then as an actress, and most recently as a director of episodic television. But she says it wasn't until her daughter Madelyn Deutch (also an actress) came to her four years ago with her screenplay for "The Year of Spectacular Men" and asked her to direct it that she'd ever seen a creative endeavor through from start to finish. Thompson's younger daughter, Zoey Deutch, also acts in the film and co-produced it.

Guests: Lea Thompson and Madelyn Deutch

Mixed news for Hollywood workers

(Starts at 1:14)

A new report from the Milken Institute reveals that employment levels are up, largely because television production has increased. But film production continues to lag and may continue to do so until the state boosts its tax incentives for studios.

Guest: Kevin Klowden, Milken Institute Center for Regional Economics

A game of "Tag" taken to extremes

(Starts at 20:40)

The new movie "Tag" finds its story in nutty but true source material — a Wall Street Journal article about a group of friends who for more than two decades played an ongoing game of tag. John Horn talks with director Jeff Tomsic, who's making his feature film debut, about his new twist on a buddy comedy coming out in a summer filled with blockbusters.

Guest: Jeff Tomsic, director of "Tag"