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Code switching at the heart of 'Sorry to Bother You'

Boots Riley, writer/director of the film,
Boots Riley, writer/director of the film, "Sorry To Bother You."
Tony Chu

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In 'Sorry to Bother You,' some things are black-and-white

(Starts at 7:43)

The film centers around a black telemarketer who finds success when he employs a "white" voice at his agency. Writer/director Boots Riley and actress Tessa Thompson talk about the provocative film and what it's like for black artists to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Bad acting in the World Cup

(Starts at :45)

Soccer players are often criticized for overdramatizing collisions and injuries during matches. Brazil's Neymar is widely considered the most egregious offender. What are players trying to achieve and why can't they be better actors? We talk with a former semi-pro soccer who is now a stuntman.

Guest: Bobby Holland Hanton