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50 years on, 'Yellow Submarine' is back

The Beatles' 1968 animated film,
The Beatles' 1968 animated film, "Yellow Submarine," has been restored for a re-release to mark its 50th anniversary.
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Once again, we all live in a 'Yellow Submarine'

(Starts at 19:12)

Fifty years ago, The Beatles’ animated film, “Yellow Submarine,” brought the Fab Four’s psychedelic music together with revolutionary animation techniques. Now, a new digital restoration brings the vibrancy of the original film back to the big screen. Paul Rutan Jr. oversaw the restoration. He spoke with The Frame about the painstaking effort of reconstructing the film from the tattered remains of the original 1968 negative.

Remembering the prolific and outspoken author Harlan Ellison

(Starts at 8:15)

The prolific science-fiction writer died on June 27 in Los Angeles at the age of 84. He was the author of some 1,800 scripts, novels, short stories, and articles. We revisit a 2013 interview with KPCC’s Off-Ramp.

Addressing an imbalance in the classical music world

(Starts at 0:45)

People of color make up less than 15 percent of orchestra musicians. An administrator at the Colburn School in Los Angeles is trying to change that by creating a fellowship program for high school musicians of color from around Southern California. A story from KPCC arts education reporter Carla Javier.