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Anna Meredith blurs the line between pop and classical music

British musician and composer Anna Meredith.
British musician and composer Anna Meredith.
Kate Bones

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Anna Meredith's music knows no boundaries

(Starts at 7:41)

British musician and composer Anna Meredith makes music that blurs the line between pop and classical. And she’s just scored her first film, “Eighth Grade.”

Voiceover actors are considering another strike

(Starts at :45)

After a previous job action against video game producers, voiceover actors who work in animation are now seeking a better deal with streaming services. But a strike would effectively cripple all TV animation made with union voices.

Guest: Jonathan Handel, Hollywood Reporter

Liz Phair revisits "Exit to Guyville"

(Starts at 18:31)

In 1993, Liz Phair released her debut album, "Exile in Guyville." It was an instant hit, critically and commercially. It sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Spin and The Village Voice named it album of the year. Soon after, Rolling Stone put her on the cover of its magazine. Now, 25 years later, "Exile in Guyville" has been reissued as a deluxe boxset with photos, essays, and Phair’s original four-track cassette recordings. In this episode of Song Exploder, Liz and producer Brad Wood look back to tell the story of the creation of one of the cuts on the album, “Divorce Song.”