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Augustine Frizzell stays home for 'Never Goin' Back'

"Never Goin' Back" writer/director Augustine Frizzell (center) with the film's director of photography, Greta Zozula.
Courtesy of A24

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Teenage Wasteland with a Texas Twist

(Starts at 7:45)

The new movie, "Never Goin' Back," is a fresh take on the teen comedy genre. The story focuses on two teenage girls — Angela and Jessie — with a modest dream to make it from Dallas to Galveston for Jessie's 17th birthday. The girls are high school dropouts, living together and making ends meet by waitressing at a local diner. They're also crass, outspoken and completely unapologetic. The story is largely based on writer/director Augustine Frizzell's own teenage years in Texas. Frizzell speaks with The Frame guest host Steven Cuevas about the making of the film, which actually involved scripting, casting and shooting two different versions.

The beloved Idyllwild Arts Academy has maybe dodged a bullet

(Starts at :45)

The Cranston Fire caused the evacuation of the academy, at least temporarily postponing the summer sessions that attract students from around the country.

Guest: Idyllwild Arts Academy COO John Newman

The vocal version of "passing for white"

(Starts at 18:44)

This summer, we’re hearing a lot about “white voice.” Take the movie, "Sorry to Bother You," in which a young, black telemarketer is coached to put on an affected, WASP-y accent to reel in customers. This film is one of several new releases by black filmmakers that explore white privilege.