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Tracee Ellis Ross is still bullish about 'Black-ish'

"Black-ish" co-star Tracee Ellis Ross has an Emmy nomination for lead actress in a comedy series.

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Tracee Ellis Ross can cope with change

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As Tracee Ellis Ross prepares for season five of ABC’s critically acclaimed comedy, "Black-ish," she also faces some tough challenges. The show has always focused on serious issues, and last season addressed postpartum depression, marriage troubles and racial bias, earning Ross an Emmy nomination for lead actress in a comedy series. But this season, the show grapples with allegations of sexual assault against co-star Anthony Anderson, as well as show runner Kenya Barris’ departure from ABC for Netflix. Still, Ross is optimistic about her future on "Black-ish." When she spoke with The Frame’s John Horn, she discussed directing episodes and highlighting her character as a strong, female voice.

Chloe Arnold takes James Corden Dancing in the Street

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Choreographer Chloe Arnold has been working in television for 14 years and this year scored her first Emmy nomination. She’s a tap dancer and the only Emmy nominee in this category who didn’t get nominated for work on the reality competition show, "So You Think You Can Dance." Arnold is nominated for her work on the "Crosswalk the Musical" segments from "The Late Late Show with James Corden." The performances most often happen at the intersection of Beverly and Genesee, right in front of the CBS Studios in Los Angeles, but Arnold's Emmy nomination is for the 2017 episode that taped in New York City with the cast of "The Greatest Showman." With a strict time limit of 30 seconds (the length of a crosswalk signal), Arnold choreographed trimmed-down dances to songs from “On The Town," “Guys and Dolls," “The Greatest Showman” and “Fame.”