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Paul Greengrass' '22 July' is a cautionary tale about domestic terrorism

Director Paul Greengrass on the set of
Director Paul Greengrass on the set of "22 July."
Erik Aavatsmark

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Revisiting a terrorist attack in an unlikely country

(Starts at 7:43)

Paul Greengrass sees a danger growing in Europe and North America and he hopes that by telling the story of the worst day in Norway's modern history he can show the worst of what's possible. "22 July" is his film about the massacre perpetrated by a right wing extremist man in Norway in 2011. Greengrass talks with John Horn about his fears of the rise of white nationalism, Nazism and the ideology that gave fuel to this domestic terrorist attack. He hopes his movie can be a cautionary tale as well as a healing one for those who survived.

How Swift was Taylor's move?

(Starts at :45)

After years of speculation, the wildly popular pop singer showed her political leanings this week by endorsing two Democratic candidates from her home state of Tennessee, and encouraging young people to vote. Registration surged, but will that result in a higher turnout for the mid-terms? And will it have an effect on her career? L.A. Times pop music critic Mikael Wood weighs in.