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'The Price of Everything' puts art world under a microscope

Artist Jeff Koons is featured in the art world documentary,
Artist Jeff Koons is featured in the art world documentary, "The Price of Everything."

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How much is that Koons in the window?

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Is the best art the most expensive art? What determines the price of a work of art? Who decides which artists matter and which don't? And what determines whether an artist will be considered important hundreds of years from now? The new documentary, "The Price of Everything," directed by Nathaniel Kahn, explores those questions through candid interviews with artists, art collectors, dealers, auctioneers and critics. Kahn spoke with The Frame about his deep dive into the contemporary art world and what it reveals about our values.

Live theater where you don't just sit and watch

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Jon Braver’s latest immersive theater production is “Delusion: The Blue Blade,” a story that he describes as "Indiana Jones"-meets-"Blade Runner." The production is located in the former Fais Do Do club in mid-town, but has been entirely transformed to resemble an intricate series of caves and Mayan-influenced structures. As with previous incarnations of "Delusion," the audience plays a role in moving the story forward, aided by live actors, stunts and original music. John Horn visited during construction of the set and spoke with Braver, production designer Kevin Williams and creative supervisor Victor Matthieu.