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Rami Malek goes full Freddie in 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Rami Malek plays Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in
Rami Malek plays Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody."
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Rami Malek is out to rock you in 'Rhapsody'

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It's always a challenge for an actor to portray a real life person, but signing up to play Freddie Mercury, the supremely unique Queen frontman, is something altogether different. Even so, actor Rami Malek knew he wanted in. He flew himself to London and set about researching Mercury even before "Bohemian Rhapsody" had been officially green-lit. The surviving members of the band had final say on who was cast, so there was that added pressure too. And to top it all off, the first scene he had to shoot was Queen's legendary 1985 Live Aid performance, considered one of the best rock performances of all time. Malek spoke with The Frame about how he was able to tune out the expectations of others to play Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Netflix has a change of heart

(Starts at 1:00)

The streaming service usually debuts its original movies in theaters and online on the same day. But Netflix now says it will open movies in theaters weeks before they begin streaming. Among the first to benefit will be Alfonso Cuarón's Academy Award hopeful, "Roma." What's behind the change in policy, and will theater owners embrace the change?