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Rosamund Pike sees action in 'A Private War'

Rosamund Pike plays war correspondent Marie Colvin in
Rosamund Pike plays war correspondent Marie Colvin in "A Private War."

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Searching for truth amidst danger

The new film, "A Private War," is based on the life and work of celebrated war correspondent Marie Colvin. From conflict zones in Kosovo, East Timor, Syria, Chechnya and Sri Lanka (where she lost her left eye to a grenade), Colvin wrote about the horrors of war, always with a focus on the enormous toll borne by civilians. Rosamund Pike plays Colvin in the film. She told The Frame that her goal for "A Private War" was to make her own personality and mannerisms completely disappear, and give director Matthew Heineman — who is also a documentary filmmaker — a version of Colvin that was as close to the reporter as possible.