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'Divide and Conquer': The rise and fall of Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes with then-President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office.
Roger Ailes with then-President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office.
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The Man Behind the GOP Curtain

(Starts at 8:00)

The new documentary, "Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes," traces the rise and late-in-life fall of the controversial founder of Fox News. Ailes started out as a television producer for The Mike Douglas Show before becoming a powerful figure in Republican politics with an almost impeccable track record of wins for the candidates he worked for — from Richard Nixon to Mitch McConnell. The documentary, directed by Alexis Bloom ("Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds"), includes interviews with childhood friends of Ailes, his former colleagues, and several women who say Ailes sexually harassed or assaulted them, in some cases ruining their careers for rebuffing his advances. Bloom spoke with The Frame about the making of the documentary.

The Casting Couch, unfortunately, persists

(Starts at 1:00)

The Hollywood Reporter's Rebecca Keegan talks with John Horn about her story on how casting directors are inadvertently pulled into sexual harassment incidents by executives and other power-brokers in Hollywood.

A Composer Puts Iran in the rear view mirror

(Starts at 19:00)

Nima Fakhrara is one of only three Iranian composers scoring video games and Hollywood films. His work includes "The Girl in the Photographs," produced by Wes Craven, and the game "Detroit: Become Human." One of the games he scored recently is about the real-life Iranian Revolution in 1979. And it’s the reason he can’t go home anymore. The Frame contributor Tim Greiving explains.