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From 'Rocko' to 'Lazlo' to 'Luna': Joe Murray's animated world

A scene from
A scene from "Let's Go Luna" on PBS Kids.

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Name That 'Toon!

If you were a kid in the '90s, or even just an adult with an appreciation for weird humor, there's a good chance you're familiar with Joe Murray's work. He created the mid-'90s animated Nickelodeon show, "Rocko's Modern Life," about an Australian-immigrant wallaby named Rocko and his best friend Heffer, a steer raised by wolves. After the series ended in 1996, Murray went on to write children's books and he created the popular "Camp Lazlo" series on Cartoon Network. Now he has a new animated show on PBS Kids called "Let's Go Luna" that aims to teach kids about different cultures. It follows the adventures of three animal friends traveling the world with their parents' circus. Murray spoke with The Frame about his animation career and why "Let's Go Luna" is the show he's most proud of creating.

Taking clean versions of songs to an extreme

Kidz Bop, the album series in which children sing Top 40 songs, has been going since 2001 and has amassed 22 Top 10 albums on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Christopher Bell is a children’s media expert and professor of media studies at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. He weighs in on the practice of having kids perform sanitized songs that originally had mature themes.