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Dan Levy didn't fall far from the comedy tree

Father-and-son Eugene and Dan Levy are the co-creators and co-stars of
Father-and-son Eugene and Dan Levy are the co-creators and co-stars of "Schitt's Creek."

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Comedy in his genes

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Dan Levy was born to be funny. His father, Eugene Levy, was a founding member of the "S.C.T.V." troupe that included John Candy and Catherine O'Hara. And père Levy also became a regular in Christopher Guest's hilarious films, such as "Best of Show." Now, Levy father-and-son are the co-creators and co-stars (along with O'Hara) of "Schitt's Creek" — a comedy on the POP cable network about a once-wealthy family that has lost its fortune and is now living in a small town they had bought when things were flush. Dan Levy talks with guest host Steven Cuevas about growing up in Canada and being sheltered from Hollywood, and about being given free rein for the comedy series.

Movies in the mountains

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It's time for the annual Sundance Film Festival — the industry's most important showcase for independent movies. John Horn and a couple of producers from The Frame are in Park City, Utah, and John talks with Steven Cuevas about the feature films and documentaries that have the most buzz.

Dance movement in bloom

(Starts at 19:10)

The next time you hold a single rose in your hand, take a closer look at the place where the stem meets the flower.  At the base, you’ll find a small cup of tiny green leaves where the colorful petals shoot out to form the bloom. That cup or floral tube is called the hypanthium.  It essentially holds and protects all the good stuff of a beautiful flower — like its nectar. “Hypanthium” is also the title of a new dance performance by Sebastian Hernandez that premieres Jan. 24 at REDCAT inside Disney Hall. The Frame contributor Marcos Nájera tells us why the artist chose the name.