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'Eighth Grade' and the vagaries of awards season

Elsie Fisher stars in
Elsie Fisher stars in "Eighth Grade," which was written and directed by Bo Burnham.
Linda Kallerus/A24

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Bo Burnham's up-and-down year

(Starts at 7:45)

The filmmaker's script for "Eighth Grade" won Best Original Screenplay from the Writers Guild of America, but was not nominated for an Academy Award. The film is nominated for Best Feature and Best First Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards. Burnham got his start making YouTube videos as a teenager. But he has conflicted feelings about the Internet, so he put all that angst into his first feature film. And he told that story through the voice of a girl in junior high school.

Who needs screenwriters anyway?

(Starts at :45)

We’ve known for years that technology continues to radically change the way films are made — from live action movies like "The Jungle Book," created without using real animals, to any number of stunt people and extras replaced by CGI counterparts. But what’s remained fairly constant is the screenwriter — after all, you can’t make a movie without someone writing the script, Right? Well, if one AI company has its way, there’s an algorithm out there that might be fighting for a share of the writing credit on the next studio blockbuster. The Frame contributor Collin Friesen explains.

Music and photos by Anthony Wilson

(Starts at 18:45)

Guitarist, arranger and composer Anthony Wilson is the son of the late, great jazz trumpeter, composer and bandleader Gerald Wilson. While jazz is a foundation of sorts, Wilson often deftly finds his way into many settings, sitting in with a mix of artists — among them Paul McCartney, Aaron Neville, Kenny Burrell and Willie Nelson. And he’s been a member of  Diana Krall’s ensemble since 2001. Wilson's latest release — "Songs and Photographs" — combines his own music and photography. The Frame contributor Lynell George has a review.