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Jez Butterworth's 'The Ferryman' is a Broadway hit

The cast of Jez Butterworth's
The cast of Jez Butterworth's "The Ferryman," which takes place entirely in the kitchen of a family in Northern Ireland.

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Once Upon a Time, Not so Long Ago

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The latest collaboration between playwright Jez Butterworth and director Sam Mendes, “The Ferryman,” has taken Broadway by storm with an extended run after a celebrated debut on the West End. Based in 1981 Northern Ireland during The Troubles, "The Ferryman" takes place in the home of the Carney family as they discover one of their own has been "disappeared" by the Irish Republican Army. The story is inspired by the real-life family of “The Ferryman” actress Laura Donnelly. John Horn spoke with Butterworth about taking on complicated socio-political themes in his plays and an upcoming film project.

Songwriters might be singing a sad tune

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Spotify and other technology giants have appealed a ruling that increased the royalties they must pay to songwriters, a move that threatens to further damage the companies’ already-tenuous relationship with the music industry. Bloomberg News reporter Lucas Shaw talks with John about his reporting on the story.

Marvel's latest is female-centric, down to the music

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“Captain Marvel” marks the 21st chapter in the seemingly never-ending Marvel movie universe. It’s also the first Marvel movie with a female lead (Brie Larson); the first with a female director (Anna Boden co-directed with Ryan Fleck);  and a female composer – Pinar Toprak. The Frame contributor Tim Greiving visited Toprak's studio and asked her about the biggest gig she’s ever gotten.